Exhibiting at the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin

I went to the opening of Future Perfect in the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin last Thursday.   This exhibition was curated by Jim Ricks and developed under the umbrella of the Sleepwalkers’ project at the gallery.  I was chuffed that my piece:  “Where there is art, there is Hope” was selected along with the work of some 27 other artists.

Hugh Lane Gallery

Ideas concerning the Modernist project, Idealism and Utopia have become commonplace among artists in recent years but Ricks had asked artists to envision what the actual future might hold.  His exhibition statement reads:  There is the all too frequent nostalgia for past conceptions of the future in art today.  Indeed it is arguably the current zeitgeist.  Loose applications, “notions of”, poetic interpretations or exceedingly generous understandings of work were all rejected… 

What was finally selected, an eclectic mix of sculptures, paintings, drawings and video, produced an intriguing and thought provoking show.   It continues until the 16th of December, well worth revisiting, I think.

More info from http://www.jimricks.info/futureperfect.html


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