Can we see the future?

My work has been selected for an exhibition in the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin this December.  The exhibition is entitled: Future Perfect and it  is being curated by Jim Ricks.  It promises to be a thought-provoking show.

drawing by Eoin Mac Lochlainn for Future Perfect
Black marker on cardboard


According to the press release:   The future and the lack of it has been cited as the basis for a number of exhibitions in Ireland and Europe in the last few years. Ideas concerning the Modernist project, Idealism and Utopia from a post-Post-Modern position have come into common circulation amongst artists. But can we as artists still envision a future?  Using the grammatical classification of Future Perfect as a starting point and as a play on words, artists were asked to submit work or proposals that investigate or respond to the aforementioned ideas…

I submitted a piece from an installation of drawings on discarded bits of cardboard that I had made for Artisterium, an exhibition of contemporary art in Tbilisi, Georgia earlier this year.

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