Irish or Armenian art?

















This is a photo I took on my recent trip to Georgia and Armenia.  This stone cross was in a ‘cave monastery’ in Geghard in Armenia.  The monastery buildings were actually carved out of the cliff face – as opposed to being built brick by brick.  It was an amazing place to visit but I was particularly taken by the stone carvings because they reminded me so much of Irish stone crosses.  How could this be possible, the two countries being so far apart.  Actually there’s a book published about this very subject, entitled:  “The Mediterranean Legacy in Early Celtic Christianity – A Journey from Armenia to Ireland,”  by Jacob G. Ghazarian.  I would say that it’d make fascinating reading.



  1. It is fascinating that a country as far as Armenia has such a cultural similarity as Ireland. At first impressions of the above image, could have come from an ancient celtic site, in some remote Irish region.Thanks for sharing this Eoin.


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