Trying to make a good impression

Dreams of Home, etching, 2012



Well, it was a great day at the lighthouse – the weather was bright and breezy and a huge crowd turned up for the opening.  It’s reckoned that about 700 people climbed up those 109 steps to the top.  I don’t think that we’ve ever had so many people visit one of our Tondo events  (except perhaps last September on Culture Night, when we had the exhibition in the National Gallery of Ireland).

We are really grateful to the lighthouse keepers, the Conway family for all their help and support for this project,  it was so nice to meet them and to hear all their stories about the old days.   I should also note that the Wicklow Head Lighthouse is one of 24 properties restored by The Irish Landmark Trust  (See: )

Now, I have one more story for you today – I got an etching accepted into Impressions 2012.  (See above)  This is Ireland’s longest running open submission print exhibition and it showcases the best of printmaking in Ireland.  It will be held in the Galway Arts Centre from the 13th of September.  More at:




  1. Congratulations Eoin. Wish we could have come to the light house. Your etching looks great. Was it inspired by the tall ships that came to Dublin recently? I like the contrast created by the elegance of the 3 mast with the weary look on the man’s weathered face.


    • Thanks Nathalie, actually I put it together when I was in Donegal. I was thinking of the Great Famine and how people had been forced to flee their homes and cross the sea in search of a better life. Those days, the likelihood of them ever returning home was almost nil.


    • Thanks John, actually I made the two plates separately and just thought of printing them one over the other when I was working in Donegal!


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