How to get there

View from the Lighthouse
















Folks, a lot of people have said that they’re going to the Tondo art exhibition at Wicklow Head Lighthouse this coming Sunday.  I just wanted to tell you about the traffic restrictions for the weekend.

First of all, please note that cars won’t be allowed to drive up the narrow lane that leads to the lighthouse but there is a car park nearby where you can leave your car.

You take the coast road southwards out of Wicklow town (R750) and as you drive along with the golf course on your left, you come to a viewing point and car park.  You must park the car here and then you have two choices – continue walking along the road until you reach a narrow laneway on your left that leads to the lighthouse ( it is signposted ) or else you can go down the steps  from the car park and that brings you to a cliff walk.  With the sea on your left,  follow this all the way to the lighthouse.  It’s the scenic route so allow up to an hour for the walk.  Let’s hope we have nice weather because there’s great views along the way.

Go n’éirí an bóthar libh!

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