Tondo @ the Lighthouse

Regular readers will know that I am a member of the Tondo artists’ collective.  Members of Tondo have met regularly since 2007 to discuss their work and to explore current issues in contemporary art.  We believe that exhibiting outside the gallery setting brings a new impetus to our work and forces us to continually look afresh at our art practice and to explore and experiment with alternative methods and materials.

In the past, Tondo has exhibited in many alternative spaces, including a railway station, a public park and a small crate; we have also exhibited in The National Gallery of Ireland.  Themes for new work generally emerge in response to particular spaces and when we got the opportunity to exhibit in the old lighthouse on Wicklow Head we were delighted.  It stands 29 metres high and was once one of a pair of octagonal lighthouses built on the headland in 1781. ( Its twin was demolished when a new lighthouse was built closer to the water’s edge in 1816 ).  It has been renovated by The Irish Landmark Trust, a charity that restores historic buildings in Ireland.  More information at  It is really interesting to see the inside of this lighthouse and to climb up to the top.  The walls must be a metre and a half thick!

And on Sunday 26th of August, at 3pm, the Tondo artists’ collective will present an exhibition of drawings, sculptures and paintings in the lighthouse on Wicklow Head.  The artists taking part in this exhibition will include Gerard Cox, Eve Parnell, Eoin Mac Lochlainn, John O’Grady, James Clancy and Sahoko Blake.

the old lighthouse on Wicklow Head

















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