mmm, Friday the 13th – some people think that it’s an unlucky day.  I’m not one of those people actually – because I was born on the 13th so I always like the Friday the 13th’s.  But I mightn’t go taking chances on this day all the same.   And I’m writing about this because today is the day to deliver artworks to the Royal Hibernian Academy for its annual exhibition.

This exhibition, the RHA Annual Exhibition is the biggest open-submission show in Ireland and each year, around this time, thousands of artists queue up with their paintings, drawings and sculptures etc to see if their work will be selected for exhibition alongside the RHA members and associate members and specially invited artists.  We have to pay a fee of €15 per work, just to be in the running.  There is a selection committee of about 10 members who decide whether our works are good enough.  I’m told that the works are viewed in alphabethical order so I often wonder if my name was Adams or Barry, would I have a better chance of being selected.  I’m sure the selectors are fresh and enthusiastic at the start but when they get to the  M’s or the Macs, are they getting tired and grumpy?  Of course, maybe they stop for lunch at the K’s or L’s and then come back refreshed to begin again at the Macs.  So I could be lucky… but on Friday the 13th?   Well, we can also bring them in on Saturday the 14th so I think I’ll wait.  Best of Luck to all you artists out there, maybe this year. 

But anyway,   I was very lucky this year to have been invited to show my work in the Bourn Vincent Gallery in Limerick.  It’s still on and here’s a link to a short video of the show.


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