A good night in Limerick

Jimmy, 80 x 90cm, oil on canvas, 2011

Such a crowd made it to my solo show in The Bourn Vincent Gallery in Limerick, it was wonderful.  Some people drove down from Dublin to be there for the opening.  There were visitors from South Kilkenny, from Cork, from Limerick, from Clare and even as far away as Sligo town. ( that’s a three and a half hour drive )  It was a great night and I really appreciated that so many people came from far and near to be there with us.

I’d also like to thank Yvonne Davis, the visual arts administrator, Maurice Quillinan on the steering committee and Aidan, the technician ( I’m sorry, technicians never seem to have surnames ).  Everyone connected with the gallery was particularly helpful and friendly.  And while I’m at it, I’d like to thank John Lonergan for opening the show with a rousing speech.

At the opening, the painting above was purchased for the University’s own collection.  The exhibition continues ( Monday to Friday only ) from 9.30am to 5.30pm until the 27th of April, 2012.  You can view some images from the exhibition on my website at www.eoinmaclochlainn.com



  1. It’s great that UL decided to puchase the painting above.
    We were there and would recommend anyone interested in what you do to go and see your exhibition, it’s compelling.


  2. Dear Eoin: Meant to wish you well before the show opened, but got sidetracked with a new job at Titanic Belfast…..Glad to hear it went so brilliantly! I am not surprised though – as your work continues to awe me. Congrats on everything so far. The portrait of ‘Jimmy’ (above) is stunning. I know you do a lot of wonderful work – but your portraits really amaze me…..

    All the best for your continued success!

    Looking forward to visiting you soon!

    Is Mise,

    SiD (Sherry)


  3. Captivating portrait, I’d love to know more about it. The knuckles & the skin beneath them are my favourite part for some reason!


    • Thanks for your comment, Annie. There’s not much to tell, really… I like to leave it open for viewers to bring there own associations to the work. What was he thinking? Where did he come from? Who was he? Who knows? I would say that it wasn’t actually a portrait. Rather it was a painting that used the face to say something about the human condition, about resilience or resignation maybe… thanks again, eoin


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