Recent works…

Here are some of the paintings that I’ve completed recently.  I’m only showing you paintings here but I’m also working on some sculptural pieces/ installations for the show – you’ll see them if you visit the gallery!   I’ll put up some more images once the show opens officially.  So much to do, so little time to do it…




  1. Bhi me ar ti rud eicint a ra faoin aghaidh fir thuas nuair a chonaic me an teidil ‘architect’ , so ni ga a thuille a ra! An bhfuil a fhios ag an ailtire faoi? Eamonn


  2. I just love your work. You say things to me so eloquently and beautifully. Keep up the good work and we will continue to enjoy it.


  3. Looking great , Eoin ..well done on the drawing, – very clearly put as always . Best wishes with the opening , I doubt I will be able to attend , but you never know , helen


  4. Iontach, is brea liom an ceann leis an fear gan dídean agus na foirgnimh oráiste-ish – ádh mór dé Deardaoin, Maev


  5. Went to the exhibition today, very impressed! Did not know what it was about until i got to the end and then it all made sense, well done! I would recommend anyone to go, these photos do not do the paintings justice, they breath quality!
    Bonnie King (Art Therapy student)


      • Well deserved Eoin, only saw your message now, believe it or not. As time has gone by i realize your exhibition was quiet impressionable on me. Such meaning and told as a clever story with the paper cups, if i remember correctly and using your gifts and talents to help people, amazing!. So talented also, so much heart gone into all of it. I hope you are still doing well.



      • Hello Bonnie, thank you very much for your lovely encouraging comment. Yes, I’m still working – I’m having a solo exhibition at the other end of the country soon, up in Gweedore. All the best, eoin


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