The Golden Fleece Award

Red Satin in Blue Light (2011) oil on linen, 130 x 110cm

I was at the awards ceremony for The Golden Fleece Award yesterday.  I like to go each year since I won the award in 2008.   I was very impressed with the work of all the shortlisted artists but three of them – Paul Mac Cormaic, Allyson Keehan and Conor Walton – were friends of mine so it was especially exciting this year.   It was also interesting because five of the ten shortlisted artists were painters. 

Claire Kerr was the overall winner and Allyson Keehan won the special merit prize.   Allyson has an innovative approach to the genre of Still Life painting in that she uses a minimal amount of objects and then changes the focus from the foreground to the background.   See one of her paintings above.

Visit The Golden Fleece Awards website which is a great website with lots of interesting stuff, going back to 2002.


    • it is beautiful, isn’t it. ( you know it’s not my
      work? it’s by a friend of mine ) Thanks for keeping in touch Barbaraelka, e


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