Tondo in The National Gallery

Last year on Culture Night, there was a wonderful atmosphere on the streets of Dublin as people walked from one cultural event to the next.  You may remember that members of the Tondo art co-operative installed their work in Anne’s Lane (that dark alleyway that leads to the upmarket Kerlin Gallery).  Read more about that event at:

This year on Culture Night,  it’ll be quite a different story for us –
Tondo has been invited to install our work in the Ballroom of
The National Gallery of Ireland !
Tondo at The National Gallery, Dublin
We meet regularly in the gallery’s restaurant to discuss our work
and to explore current issues in contemporary art.  We sometimes wondered if the art in the national collection is taken for granted by the public.  Do the visitors realise the lifetime of effort that goes into the production of art?  As practicing artists, we feel an affinity with the artists of the past and so for Culture Night 2011, we thought that we would like to honour them in some way.   We submitted a proposal and – guess what – we’ve just learnt that we’ve been accepted!

Culture Night is on Friday, the 23rd of September this year.   I’ll write more about our project nearer the time.  By the way, I’ll be doing a performance on the night !


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