A provider of vitamins ?

This blog was one year old yesterday.  I have been uploading images and adding posts on a regular basis throughout the year but I wonder sometimes – if I could do it differently?   I’m sure my regular visitors have ideas about that  🙂    and I’d love to hear suggestions about how I might improve this blog.  It’s always nice to get your comments…   I was thinking that I might change the dark face on my banner for the second year, but it would still have to blend in with the black background.  The reason for the black background, by the way, is that it uses less energy, or so I’ve read somewhere.  I read that if Google changed their background to black, it would save zillions across the world. 

Something else that I read recently: “Passive to Active Citizenship, a Role for the Arts”, by Declan MacGonigle of NCAD.   In this paper he challenges the Arts to be ‘a provider of vitamins, not painkillers in this anxious world’.   He wrote that art should try to bring healing, should strive to bring new life…  So maybe I’ll change that dark face up there to something more cheerful?  Regular readers might have noticed that I changed the banner a few times recently – I tried various other images – but I haven’t come up with a good replacement yet.  Any suggestions ?



  1. Well Eoin – I really liked the eyes that you had there last week. I’m not sure what this one is. Well done on putting up all those posts for the last year, it’s lovely to read what you’ve been at. Dor.


    • Thanks Dorothea, I’m just trying out a few different images at the mo – not sure which one to use yet. I suppose the image should explain instantly what the blog is about and where the author is coming from etc. That’s a hard one for starters. Could there be one image that says all that? Also, I can only use a narrow strip of the image and that also affects my choice. You say that you liked the original image, well, thanks for that. I was afraid however, that it looked too forlorn, too hopeless and I just wondered if I could find a more upbeat one 🙂 McGonigle was challenging the artist to be ‘a provider of vitamins, not painkillers’. I understood by that ( continuing the health metaphor ), that we need to reach for healing, rather than just dull the pain with our art. I agree with that, I do believe artists have a reponsibility to the wider community but it puts added pressure on us… it’s one thing writing about it but it’s another – actually achieving something worthwhile.


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