Sounds like…

‘Audiolise’ is a final year project by a group of students studying ‘Communications in Creative Media’  in Dundalk IT.  They approached me earlier in the year to see if they could use one of my paintings in their research.  They tell me that they are “exploring the possibilities, limitations and contrasting elements of artistic interpretation”.  They developed a special program which reinterprets artworks through the medium of sound.  This, they tell me, is based on the levels and luminosity (and such) of their chosen paintings.  I was curious to hear how they got on.

I met them in the Exchange Gallery in Temple Bar last week where they were getting members of the public to engage with various artworks and then to represent their interpretations through the medium of sound – using the tool that Audiolise had provided.   

After all the data is collected and examined, they will be revealing the results of their research at the Fís Exhibition in the PJ Carroll Building in Dundalk IT on the 1st – 3rd of June.  You can also read about it on their project blog:

and also on:

The painting they chose from my work was entitled:  ‘Doorway’, seen below.  I wonder what kind of soundscape this produced ! 

Doorway, 50 x 50cm, oil on canvas, 2010

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