The Horse Show

I was in the RHA life-drawing room yesterday and, believe it or not, they brought in a horse!  Well, it was a pony really – called Toby.  Now, the life-drawing room is on the third floor of the RHA building, we normally get to it up a narrow back stairway but there is a lift as well.  Anyway at 9.45am, a television crew appeared in the room, then some press photographers and then, we were told that there was a horse outside, was that ok?


Well, it was lovely.  Toby was the most gentle creature I’ve encountered in a long time.  He just stood there in the middle of the room ( he never said anything ).  He did move a bit when I was trying to draw him but – how was he to know that models are supposed to stay perfectly still?  

 So the television crew was there for RTE News – and if you were watching the 6 o’clock news last evening you would have seen it, near the end of the programme.  First they showed Gemma Tipton leading Toby into the room, then a shot of the group at work, then a close-up of Úna Sealy drawing and then a close-up of me!  Fame at last – I’m on the 6 o’clock news.  And all the while the photographers were taking photos – and you can see a slide show depicting the scene, if you click on the Irish Times website here :



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