Eoin and Cian

I was at an exhibition opening last night and it happened again !  A woman was telling me how much she liked my work ( and I was delighted of course ) but gradually I began to realise that she wasn’t talking about my work at all.  She was talking about portraits, yes, large paintings, yes, black and white?  Hang on, I don’t think I’ve done any black and whites… with really thick paint ?  like it’s applied with a trowel ?  ok, now I know – she wasn’t talking about me, she was talking about Cian McLoughlin.  Not only is my name not Cian –  it’s Eoin – but my surname is also not spelt like that, it’s in Irish and it’s spelt : Mac Lochlainn.  Now I know Cian, and he’s a very good painter ( and I wouldn’t say that he uses a trowel, I’ve seen some really nice pastel drawings by him recently ) but he’s just not me !   He was at that same opening last night so for once, we were able to clear things up.  Actually he told me that someone had just congratulated him for winning the Golden Fleece Award in 2008 – which he hadn’t – that was me !  Anyway I thought I’d put up a photograph of the two of us, so people could see for themselves.   I’m the respectable looking one on the left  🙂   He’s the big hunk on the right.

me... and him

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