“We are where we are”

“We are where we are” – what an annoying phrase,  but that’s the title I’m giving my forthcoming exhibition in The Paul Kane Gallery in February.  This new group of paintings explores the human dimension to the economic downturn,  empathising in particular with those living on the margins of society.  I’m writing an artist’s statement at the moment, though I really would prefer to continue with my painting.  It’ll look something like this…

Over the last year much has been written about empty hotels, tenantless apartment blocks and ghost estates, an estimated 300,000 units vacant or unfinished.  At the same time we read about the growing problem of homelessness… My work engages with contradictions such as these but, whilst the subject matter may be tough and the questions raised uncomfortable, my primary intention is to make paintings whose colour and form are equally compelling.

Any comments welcome… slán go fóill,  e



    • Thanks for your comment Anne, it’s nice to get feedback. Not much time left now before the show opens. We won’t know ourselves when February comes !


  1. Maybe this could be a title for your next show: we won’t know ourselves. There is so much truth in platitudes…


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