No room at the Inn

I was in town today and was struck once again by the number of people who have been reduced to begging for help on the streets of Dublin.  Needless to say, this cold snap is really bad news for anyone who has the misfortune to have been made homeless.

So when I was asked to construct a crib for the local church, I thought of building a crib out of cardboard – the reasoning being that if Mary and Joseph came to Dublin this year and if they couldn’t find a place to stay, they might end up trying to construct some kind of rudimentary shelter out of discarded cardboard boxes.  In my case it wasn’t too difficult !  The crib figures were stored in cardboard boxes so I simply stacked up the boxes and stretched a roll of corrugated cardboard over the top to make a roof.  Once I added the straw, it looked like a crib.  I also added some old newspapers for extra warmth;  ironically these were taken from the property pages of the Irish Times.

Cardboard box crib

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