Tondo @ Night


For Culture Night this year, the Tondo art group decided to stage an exhibition in Anne’s lane in Dublin.  We were following a historic precedent set in 19th century Russia by the Peredvizhniki, ( the Society for Travelling Art Exhibitions or “the Wanderers” ) and we were challenging contemporary notions of how or where art should be encountered.  We made artworks which would fit in a wooden chest that we then placed on the back-carrier of a bicycle, which we parked in Anne’s Lane for the evening.  (Some people may know this particular laneway as it leads to the Kerlin Gallery, one of Dublin’s finest private galleries).
Art in Anne's Lane


Not many people noticed us.  The streets of Dublin were thronged with people that evening, walking from one ‘cultural event’ to the next, but not many of them went to visit the Kerlin Gallery.  And then, most of those who did venture up the laneway, seemed not to notice the brave little yellow bicycle, standing expectantly under a street lamp.

There is more about this exhibition on my website



  1. Dia dhuit, a Eoin.
    Chonaic mé cuid de do phictiúirí ar teaspántas i rith Féile Loch Garman le déanaí. Níl mórán cur amach agam ar ealaín ach thaitn do chuid oibre go mór liom, go mór mór Waiting 1 agus 2 agus Boy (night). Trua bhfuil ealaín mar sin thar m’acnhainn!!
    Go mbeannaí Dia do chuid oibre.


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