The Value of Art

I was at a thought-provoking discussion and performance last night at the “Creative Café” in the Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP) in Dublin.  The artist was Liubov Kadyrova (who is a member of the Tondo art group).  She had made 3 paintings which she intended to destroy at the end of the evening – “as a comment on the value of art in this recession”.  There was a very good discussion about the reasons for making art, the reasons for destroying it, about personal and public understanding of art, but I think it boiled down to the value of art in general – and I don’t mean its monetary value.  (There was no mention of recession, thank godness).  Anyway, in the end, she went ahead with the destruction of her work, by slowly and methodically tearing it into small pieces.  Mixed feelings.  Someone talked about art as ‘an experience’ and that once you’ve experienced something, that that experience cannot be destroyed.

Autumn by Liubov Kadyrova


Destroying the Art


  1. Eoin, thanks!
    I agree it was an interesting discussion. It’s a pity there was no fire and acid and somehow we missed recesssion talk (we did, didn’t we?) but all in all it was pretty good.
    xxx L.


    • Actually I think it was better without fires or acid. It might have been better still if it had lasted longer and was even more solemn ??? Anyway, well done again, it was a very interesting evening.


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