The Davy Portrait Awards Exhibition continues…


  ‘Joe’, 80 x 90cm, oil on canvas, 2010

I just heard that the Davy Portrait Awards exhibition is to continue for a second month in Fota House, in Co. Cork.  ( Iwas shortlisted for this award so I’m in that exhibition (!) and it’ll be on now until the end of August ). 

If you were wondering who Joe was – here’s what I wrote in the catalogue:  ” Joe is an ordinary Joe.  He recently lost a job and now faces an uncertain future.  More uncertain than before, that is.  He worries a lot, but then, he was always a worrier.  He worries about the state of the world, about global warming, about countries invading other countries, about the unfortunate people who get caught up in the conflict, about the children who lose their parents, about the parents who lose their children.  He worries about injustice, corruption, greed, exploitation, but he feels helpless, powerless, a bit useless but strangely enough – not quite hopeless.  Joe is an artist”.



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