Tondo at Drogheda Update

I dropped into the MacBride train station in Drogheda at the weekend to check on our Tondo exhibition.  We had installed it there at the beginning of July and I was wondering if the works had been damaged in the meantime by the weather or with graffiti.  Well, most of it has held up very well.  ‘ Julia’ and the suitcase are still in perfect condition.  The U Line, the sculptures and the framed paintings are all perfectly safe…  the only work that was damaged was mine.  Believe it or not, the windows were washed since we last saw the exhibition and, since my work was screen prints on acetate stuck to the windows,  3 or 4 of them are now gone and some others are slightly damaged ( they were water based ).  I thought that  it looked sort of interesting with the drips and anyway, since they were memories or ‘ghosts’ of people who have passed through the station over the years, some memories disappear, don’t they – so some of my pics have disappeared too, that’s ok.

Silkscreen print on acetate ( with drips! )


  1. thanks Fionnuala. You are the first person to make a comment on my blog! N’fheadar an bhfuil éinne eile tar éis mo bhlag a léamh fós. eoin.


  2. Well done,eoin on your great success and on setting up your blog.I am impressed.Pity I didn’t know about the exhibition in Drogheda station .Am often up there and would have dropped in to see it.Continued success to you.


  3. Hi Eoin, well done on the blog.
    Good to find some ‘perspective’ on the ‘damage’ in order to keep it themed! Maybe a secondary spin-off of the exhibition could be increased pride in the staff with regard to their working environment – service facilities could usually do with it!!


    • Thanks Trish. I’d say the railway workers take great pride in their station in this case – they’ve even won awards for it over the years!


  4. Hi Eoin
    Congrats on blog(what is difference between blog and web site?)
    Cant comment on paintings as my expertise is in other areas


    • Thank s Liam, a blog is more interactive then a website, you can put stuff on it as well as me. As for your expertise, maybe you could start a blog about growing your own vegetables! e


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